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You will find it Between the Church of the Miracles and Campo San Giovanni e Paolo, where there already existed a family run restaurant from 1920 and Alberto took over from 1924 to open his tavern serving food. With his good taste in food and clever management turned it into a success very fast. The atmosphere is very lively, welcoming and homemade food have made this restaurant a regular place for both venetians and tourists .

Calle Giacinto Gallina
Cannaregio, 5401
30121 Venezia
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Discover our recipes from the traditional ventetian cuisine


Ingredients for 6 people

  • 1 kg of cod
  • olive oil
  • milk and / or broth
  • salt
  • black pepper
  • garlic

How do you prepare?

Typical traditional plate of all Venetian taverns, it is usually served on croutons or with white or yellow grilled polenta. Pour 1kg of cod for about 48 hours with a continuous stream of water. Cook it on the heat until boiling, then let it rest in the water for twenty minutes. Drain and clean it carefully, especially from the fishbones. Mince it and pour it into a large bowl. Keep the skin and the intestinal membrane tract apart to reuse them later. Chop the fish with a quarter of its weight in olive oil, reduce it to a soft cream and add salt and pepper, a bit of flavoring with a chopped garlic. You can also add a bit of  broth and / or a little hot milk to the procedure.


ingredients for 8 people

  • 1 kg of fresh sardines (preferably from the same dawn)
  • 1 kg of white onions
  • 100 g of pine nuts
  • 100 g of sultana raisins
  • Flour
  • Frying oil, White wine vinegar, salt

How do you prepare?

Clean the sardines from the interior and remove the heads. Meanwhile, cut thin (but not excessively) onions. Put it in a little oil briefly. Add the vinegar and if necessary a little water, add the pine nuts and raisins . Cover and cook it on a very low heat until the onions are completely soft. Wash the sardines and dry them well. Pass them lightly in the flour and fry them in hot oil. Put  them on the absorbent paper and cover them immediately. Put the still warm ingredients, in terracotta or glass containers and alternate layers of onions and sardines. Sprinkle with a glass of vinegar and hot water. Cover and let it rest in the dark in a cool, dry place. Serve at room temperature after 3 or 4 days. Avoid putting them in the fridge! Great accompaniment: slices of roasted polenta.